Year: 2020   
Weight: (curbi/full weight) 470/750kg

The highest quality innocvative trailer with bent side panels and extremely strong HuckLok interfaces. Strong 4-leaf springs, shock absorbers, waterproof hubs and balanced wheels ensure the best driving characteristics. In addition to waterproofing, the bottom plywood is covered with a non-slip surface. It is possible to rent with our rental cars.

Extras: LED lights, drawbar support wheel with adjustable clamp, removable front and back hatch, plastic cover is also removable, 8 loading belt loops, metal-facing fenders, balanced wheels with M+S tires, leaf springs 1000kg.

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1-3 days 15€ / day

4-7 days 12€ / day

Weekend 25€ (handover on Friday evening, back on Monday morning)

Longer periods by agreement!

Trips abroad are considered as special agreements and therefore ask for a separate offer by e-mail or phone.

20% VAT is included in the price.

For cars rented with a driver, the driver serving you is responsible for the car. The car will arrive at the location agreed with you full tank, clean and in good technical condition. As these are older cars, unforeseen technical problems may arise which will be resolved on the site on an ongoing basis. Cars rented without a driver are the sole responsibility of the person renting the car and concluding the contract. Vehicles rented without a driver are accompanied by a supervisor who ensures that the vehicle is used wihtout worries during the rental period. The contract is considered concluded after the payment of the prepayment invoice, which also quarantees the reservation of the vehicle by the agreed date. The Lessor shall not be liable, directly of indirectly, for damages that may result from an unforeseen breakdown of the car and if the event is interrupted or delayed due to the above. To rent a car without a driver, the renter submits a valid drivers licence and an identity doument (ID card or passport). To rent a car the renter must be at least 21 years old and have at least 3 years of category B driving experience.

The car reservation fee is half of the rental price. Receipt of the booking fee to the MZ Rent (MZ AUTO OÜ current account EE921010220265647227) is considered as confimration of the booking. The booking fee is non-refundable, but is included in the rental fee. Upon cancellation of the reservation by the customer, the customer is responsible to the extent of the booking fee and the booking fee will not be refunded (except for special agreements). The remaining rent is paid before the beginning of the rental day according to the terms agreed in the lease agreement. Final settlement will take place after the end of the rental period. The rental fee can be paid both by bank transfer or in cash. The rental price includes the cost of fuel, oils, maintenance, third party liability insurance and tehnical inspections.

Car rental prices include third party liability insurance. The tires and wheels of the vehicle are not insured and the renter bears full material responsibility for both the tires and the wheels. In case of a traffic accident, the renter is obliged to notify the rental company (contact numbers can be found on the website or in the prepayment invoice). All claims from third parties caused by the renter and / or the person who used the vehicle during the rental period (for example, traffic violations, parking fines, late payment decicsions, car relocations, etc.) are also fully reimbursed by the renter and / or car users.

Each contract is binding – even if the lessee has not read or understood it. We always recommend that you read the terms and conditions carefully before concluding the contract and specify them if necessary. Subsequent claims will not be satisfied or will be settled in court.